Nita Ambani Biography: Know everything about the middle class girl who grew up to become the wife of Mukesh Ambani

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Nita Ambani is today identified as not just the wife of Mukesh Ambani, but has carved her own identity through the amazing work she does. Be it the role of a mother, a wife, a businesswoman, an influencer, a cricket team owner or a social worker, Nita Ambani performs every role perfectly and is leading by an example today.

Let’s know more about her life here:

Nita Ambani Early life 

Nita Ambani was born as Nayantara to Poornima and Ravindrabhai Dalal. She was raised in a joint Gujarati family among 11 cousins. Her father always had a great impact on her life. Her Father always had a major impact on her life

Nita Ambani Education

Nita was always a bright student and she graduated in Commerce from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics. After graduation, she moved ahead to study Interior Designing as well.

Nita Ambani Dance

However, she was always fond of Dance and took Bharatanatyam from the age of 5 years. She grew up to become a professional Bharatanatyam Dancer.

Nita Ambani Meet Dhirubai Ambani

It was her dancing profession which made her meet her life partner. When Nita was 21, she took up a dance concert in which famous Industrialist, Dhirubai Ambani, and his wife Kokilaben were present. Dhirubai got so impressed by Nita’s performance that on the very next day, he called the family of Nita and expressed his wish of getting his son Mukesh Ambani married to Nita.

Nita Ambani Marriage with Mukesh Ambani

When Nita and Mukesh met for the first time in Ambani House, both liked each other and for the next three weeks, Mukesh Ambani used to send a red rose to Nita Ambani everyday. After their 6 meets, on the 7th meet, Mukesh Ambani proposed Nita Ambani in his car on Peter Road amidst of whole traffic, to which she replied ‘Maybe’. However, on being asked to answer clearly, Nita said yes and both tied knot for lifetime.

Nita Ambani Post Marriage

Nita Ambani agreed to her marriage with Mukesh Ambani on a condition that she will continue her job of being a nursery school teacher. Hence, even after marrying into one of the richest families, Nita Ambani continued to teach nursery kids at a monthly salary of just Rs.800. No one in her school was aware of the fact that she is the daughter-in-law of Ambani Family.

Nita Ambani Hardships

After two years of her marriage, Nita Ambani came to know that she can might not be able to become mother and give birth to a child in her life. This news was devastating for her and Mukesh Ambani. But, Nita Ambani didn’t give up and after undergoing treatment from doctors worldwide and offering several prayings for seven years, Nita gave birth to twin children- Akash and Isha Ambani. After three years of their birth, Nita Ambani gave birth to Anant Ambani. 

Nita Ambani Businesswoman

In 2010, Nita Ambani started heading the Reliance Foundation and became the first woman member of Reliance Board of Directors in 2014.Not just this, Nita Ambani has been handling several projects of the company successfully. She also owns a cricket team in Indian Premier League- Mumbai Indians.

Nita Ambani Style

Nita has always catched eyes of everyone because of her fashion sense and style. Her 40 Lakh Vivah Pattu Saree was the talk of the town. The crockery in her house comes from elite Japan-based Noritake company which has fans all around the world. 

Her favourite car is Mercedes Benz Maybach 62, which was a gift for her by Mukesh Ambani, who brought it from London at the cost of around Rs. 10 crore. She never repeats her footwear, whose minimum price is Rs. 5 Lakh and relies on one of the best brands of the world for them.

Her Jewellery is a perfect combination of Diamonds, Stones and Emeralds. She gifted a necklace worth Rs. 300 crore to her daughter-in-law, Shokla Mehta.

Nita Ambani House: The Antilla

One can’t find a house like Antilla in the entire country and even the entire world.The house is built in 400000 sq.ft and costs around Rs. 2 Billion. The Antilla itself contains every facility that is required to make it a luxurious place to live in. It has a private theatre, jacuzzi, yoga centre, gym, swimming pool and much more. The Ambani Family have their personal Ice-Cream park within Antilla, which contains all the famous ice-creams from around the world.

Nita Ambani Fitness

Nita takes extensive care of her diet and fitness. During the time when her son, Anant, was on the journey of weight-loss, she supported him and herself lost 40kg weight. She used to drink beetroot juice and soups and eat fruits.

Nita Ambani Age

Nita Ambani is 57 years old and was born on November 1, 1963.

Nita Ambani Religious

Nita is religious as well. She along with Mukesh Ambani, performs Pooja everyday and doesn’t leave home before praying in front of god. She is seen several times at various religious places and pilgrimages.



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