Nithyananda Kailasa at UN: Nithyananda’s ‘Kailasa’ reaches UN

Publish Date: 02 Mar, 2023 |


Nithyananda Kailasa at UN Meet: Rudraksh rosary around the neck, tilak on the forehead and hair on the head. A woman dressed as a sadhvi reached the United Nations meeting held in Geneva. The woman described herself as a representative of escapee Nityananda’s imaginary country ‘Kailaasa’. The matter even heated up when the woman started saying bitter things against India in the United Nations meeting. 

Nityanand at the UN meet

Actually, the discussion of the United Nations Committee on Sustainable Development was going on in Geneva, Switzerland. In this discussion of CESCR, a woman named Vijayapriya Nityananda represented Kailasa as a permanent ambassador. During this discussion, the woman demanded security for the fugitive Nityananda. Nityananda has been included in many cases like rape in India. At the same time, Kailasa was made his so-called ‘Hindu nation’. It is said that he settled his new country on an island near Ecuador in the South American continent, which was named Kailasa. There is also an official website of this country. If media reports are to be believed, the reaction of the UN has come to the fore on this whole matter. The international agency said these comments were made when the forum was opened to the public.


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