Non-vegetarian stalls banned in Gujarat, vendors face serious problems as their stalls being confiscated

Publish Date: 16 Nov, 2021 |

Non-vegetarian stalls banned in Gujarat:

A ban has been imposed on selling eggs and non-veg street food at open places and public roads in Ahmedabad, Gujarat after Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation took this decision. And considering this now, eggs and non-veg food will not be sold in Ahmedabad city near schools, colleges, community halls, and temples from 16th November. Earlier in Gujarat, the Bhavnagar, Junagadh, Rajkot, and Baroda Municipal Corporations had ordered not to set up non-veg and egg shops near religious places and on public roads.

No non-vegetarian food to be sold on Ahmedabad streets:

Devang Dani, chairman of the town planning committee of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, stated that "Selling of non-vegetarian food items will not be allowed within 100 meters of schools, colleges, and religious places and on public roads. This decision will come into effect from the 16th November."

The reason behind the ban on selling of non-vegetarian food on Ahmedabad streets:

However, Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel in Anand said, "It is not a question of vegetarian and non-vegetarian. People are free to eat whatever they want, but the food being sold at the stalls should not be harmful and the stalls should not obstruct the traffic flow." 

It must be noted that a demand was made from the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to ban the sale of non-vegetarian food on the roadside. Jain Vakil, chairman of the revenue committee of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, wrote a letter to the municipal commissioner and the standing committee on Saturday, demanding a ban on the sale of non-vegetarian food on the roads.

What street vendors have to say:

The street vendors selling non-vegetarian food on the Ahmedabad streets are facing serious menace as their only source of income has now been banned, with their stalls being confiscated by the Municipal Corporation. The street vendors shared that the government should have provided them with some other source of income before taking such crucial steps.



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