North Korea: Kim Jong Un's 'Atomic' threats! North Korea's 'dictator' will attack underwater

Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 24 Mar, 2023
North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un is again in the news for his Atomic threats sending chills to the neighboring countries. North Korea has just tested an atomic drone underwater following a missile test in the air (also known as a "atom bomb"). This most recent nuclear test took place under the direction of the dictator Kim Jong UN dictatorship. 

Kim Jong Un's 'Atomic' threats

The official press agency of North Korea announced that cruise missiles were fired during this arms test and firing practice from Tuesday to Thursday. The crazy dictator of North Korea is believed to have welcomed this test, giving an open challenge to America. An underwater drone that North Korea claimed was launched from its east coast on Thursday traveled for more than 59 hours before exploding in the sea. He gave very little information regarding the drone's atomic capabilities, though.

Kim's threat, according to Reuters, comes as separated nations practiced on Saturday and Sunday to improve their capacity for strategic nuclear attack and to avert war, per KCNA. On Sunday, the east coast of North Korea conducted a short-range ballistic missile test, according to South Korea and Japan. It is the most recent of several missile tests that have taken place recently. It is being claimed that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is unhappy with South Korea and America’s arm practice and thereby is undertaking missile tests to beef up its security.

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