Now it is necessary to get Drone Insurance! - Watch Video

Publish Date: 12 Jan, 2023 |
Drone Insurance: As we all know, insurance shields us from the financial weight of accidents and unanticipated occurrences. If we talk about the drone industry then it involves wide range of risks and thus it becomes important to obtain drone insurance. 

What is Drone Insurance?

Before, drone users and businesses had to turn to conventional insurance, whose products were unsuitable for the job.
RPA-specific drone insurance is available. It offers protection against third-party responsibilities and harm to the drone while in flight (hull cover).

Drone Insurance is Mandatory in India 

Drone insurance is now compulsory in India, according the government. This provides insurance against losses brought on by drone accidents to third parties and often covers both bodily injury and property damage. Public protection should come first on the list of priorities, aside from the government mandate. Companies are required to get liability insurance before using drones anywhere. Depending on your insurance policy and reported limits, commercial drone insurance coverage varies.

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