NSA Ajit Doval told Islam the religion of peace, said- fundamentalism and terrorism against Islam

Publish Date: 29 Nov, 2022 |

NSA Ajit Doval has termed cross-border terrorism and ISIS-inspired terrorism as the biggest challenge against humanity. Ajit Doval said that extremism and terrorism are against Islam during a discussion on the role of Ulemas in maintaining peace and social harmony between India and Indonesia in relation to each other's religion in New Delhi on Tuesday. Doval said that Jihad should be used to remove evil and not Jihad to kill humans.

Doval’s statement

Doval said in the delegation of high level Ulemas who came with Indonesia's NSA Mahmud Mohammad that the opposition of such forces should not be seen as a confrontation against any religion. He said that there is a need to channelize the energy of the youth in the right direction. Religion should not be used narrowly. Ulema should also use technology to deal with propaganda and hatred. Along with this, he said that there is no place for hate speech, prejudice, propaganda, violence and misuse of religion in a democracy.

Indonesian minister also comments

During this, Indonesian Minister Mohammad Mafhood MD said that the idea of this conference was of my friend Ajit Doval. I have come here with the delegation of Ulemas. Our resolution is to follow Islamic rules and maintain the integrity of Indonesia. Religion is a symbol of peace. We all are facing many challenges at this time, struggling with many important issues like poverty, environment and lack of food.


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