Nupur Sharma was scolded by the Supreme Court, said- the condition of the country deteriorated because of you

Publish Date: 01 Jul, 2022 |

After the controversial statement given by BJP's former National Spokesperson on Prophet Muhammad, many violent incidents are taking place across the country. Recently, the case of Tailor Kanhaiyalal's murder in Udaipur, Rajasthan was also linked to this. After which now the Supreme Court has reprimanded Nupur Sharma fiercely.

What did the court say?

The court said that Nupur made provocative remarks against a particular religion on television. They have provoked the sentiments of the people and Nupur is responsible for whatever is happening across the country. She has posed a threat to the security of the country.

The court said that she also apologised for his statement with conditions, that too when the anger of the people had flared up. It shows their stubbornness and arrogance. The court said that what does it matter that she is the spokesperson of a party. They think that they have the backing of power and they can speak anything against the law.

Court reprimanded the TV Channel and Delhi Police

Making a strong remark, the Supreme Court said that the power of power should not dominate the mind. Not only this, the Supreme Court also reprimanded the TV channel, in whose debate Nupur Sharma had given a controversial statement. The court asked that if the anchor of the channel did incitement, then why should a case not be registered against him?

The court also took a dig at the Delhi Police and said that if the first FIR against Nupur was registered in Delhi, then what action was taken on it? While reprimanding the TV channel and Delhi Police, which showed the controversial debate, 'What did Delhi Police do? Don't force us to open our mouths. What was the TV debate about? Only one agenda was being set by this. Why did he choose such an issue on which the case is going on in the court?


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