Omicron Variant: 38 countries in grip of Omicron virus; No deaths yet, India to face lockdown again?

Publish Date: 05 Dec, 2021 |
COVID-19, Omicron Variant: The new detected Omicron variant of coronavirus is spreading rapidly on the global scale. The virus which was first recognized in South Africa has till now taken over more than 30 countries and has now become a matter of huge concern.

World Health Organization on Omicron Variant

As per WHO, the numbers are even higher than we think. Almost 38 countries are already in grip of this B.1.1.529 virus, which is highly contagious in nature. However, no deaths have been reported yet. The organization added, ‘Although there are no death records as of now but in upcoming months this variant can be a huge threat to more than half of the Europe and that it might take more than a week to determine the impact of the virus. According to an early assessment of the Technical Advisory Group on SARS-CoV-2 Virus Evolution and NGS-SA, the new variety could be much more transmissible than the previous VoC, Delta form. 

India to impose lockdown ahead of Omicron?

Due to the global rise of the Omicron variant, India is on the verge of adopting the required precautions to prevent the country from being hit by the third and most catastrophic wave of coronavirus. South Africa, Zimbabwe, and a few other nations have already been placed in a high-risk zone by the Mumbai government, which has implemented stringent quarantine measures for travelers travelling from these countries. The government of Uttar Pradesh is also taking all necessary precautions to detect the virus early in its early phase. States such as Karnataka, Uttarakhand, and Madhya Pradesh, for example, have made it necessary for tourists to obtain an RTPCR certificate.


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