Omicron Variant: Covid Vaccine effect on Omicron variant; how devastating can it be for the children?

Publish Date: 05 Dec, 2021 |
Omicron Variant: The world was still battling against the devastating effects of coronavirus and in the middle of that a newly detected  and highly contagious variant of COVID-19 named as Omicron Variant has become a matter of concern and fear. World Health Organization has even termed the virus as ‘The variant of concern’ because of it’s multiple spikes protein mutation and infectious nature.

What is Omicron Variant- Expert talk

As per Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya (MD MBA Epidemiology vaccine immunology) the new Omicron variant has approx 50 mutations in which 10 mutations were found earlier including Beta, Alpha and Lambda. Looking at the nature of the variant, it is highly possible that the current vaccines won’t be much affective towards it, resulting in rapid spread and different symptoms. But, as of now, there is no certain information provided.

Is COVID-19 vaccine effective towards Omicron variant?

After facing almost 4 variants of concern, this is the 5th one and as per the experts whenever a new virus is detected the previous vaccines acts less powerful in front of the virus. However, the difference is not much higher. For eg. if the prevailing vaccine is 90% effective towards one variant it may be 80-85% effective on others. The same process was experienced in Delta variant. 

Effects of Omicron on children

As of now, only the children in the country are not vaccinated, so it has become a matter of high concern that how devastating can Omicron be on children. Reportedly the chances of hospitalization are higher in adults compared to children and thereby the Virus won’t be much dangerous towards children. Talking about the booster dose, the expert said that the world should focus more on getting thoroughly vaccinated rather than focusing on booster dose. One should never forget that the upcoming days might face many such variants rise and so it is important to follow all the covid protocols along with wearing masks.


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