OP Rajbhar to become a minister in the Yogi government? strategy on getting Y category security

Publish Date: 23 Jul, 2022 |
On Friday, the Yogi Government granted Y category security to OP Rajbhar, the head of Subhaspa, who was allied with the Samajwadi Party for backing Draupadi Murmu presidential candidature.  As a result, there are now more people talking about him becoming a minister and joining the Yogi government. On Friday, Om Prakash Rajbhar himself provided clarification about these discussions. revealed the forthcoming plan of action and explained the need for security. I've been attacked previously, Rajbhar claimed in an interview with a channel. may execute an additional assault. Security was therefore needed. Now I get it.

OP Rajbhar to become Yogi Govt. minister?

Rajbhar stated that the Samajwadi Party is currently our alliance when asked about his closeness to the Yogi government or the BJP. After then, the partnership will crumble, and only then will the negotiations take place. Who will dissolve the alliance? Only Akhilesh Yadav, according to Rajbhar, will be able to break it in this case. After that, we shall repent and call it talaq talaq.

After ending the partnership with SP, Rajbhar claimed that the Bahujan Samaj Party will be our first focus. Talks will be held with someone else if talks with the BSP don't go well. There will be a large number of parties before the Lok Sabha elections. BJP is currently not doing well.

OP Rajbhar on backing Draupadi Murmu

Rajbhar replied that I had already made up my mind to vote for Draupadi Murmu before casting my ballot. when the Samajwadi Party did not request our support for the rival candidate. What would we do if Yashwant Sinha did not request our support? On the other hand, votes from the BJP and Draupadi Murmu were both requested, so I acted accordingly.


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