Pakistan Economy Crisis: Pakistani citizens took to the streets to protest inflation after two people died while obtaining flour

Publish Date: 10 Jan, 2023 |

Pakistan's economy has gotten out of control. The current situation is that there is a significant flour crisis in front of the public as a result of many provinces of the country's stock of wheat running out. News of a stampede occurring when flour is being taken is spreading throughout several locations. According to the police, a 40-year-old labourer named Harsingh Kolhi was crushed to death by onlookers after falling on the road amid the commotion.

Price of wheat and flour

The cost of flour in Rawalpindi's open market has risen to Rs 150 per kg as the price of wheat approaches Rs 5,000 per maund. The price of a 15 kilogramme bag of wheat in Shahar, Punjab, Pakistan, is Rs 2,250. The price of subsidised flour, from which people were benefiting, has also begun to soar at the same time. Subsidized 25 kg packets of flour are now available for Rs 3100 each.

Food minister gives statement

Balochistan's bread scarcity is causing a major deterioration in the situation. Zamark Achakzai, the food minister for Balochistan, stated that the province's wheat supply has "totally run out." He emphasised the urgent need for 400,000 bags of wheat in Balochistan and issued a dire crisis warning. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is likewise dealing with its worst-ever flour crisis. For Rs. 3100, a bag of 20 kg of flour is being offered here.


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