Pakistan Floods: 10 million children affected by floods in Pakistan, Pak PM Shehbaz Sharif sought help

Publish Date: 18 Sep, 2022 |

The floods in Pakistan caused such devastation that everything was destroyed. Due to this, Pakistan has suffered a loss of billions of rupees. Thousands of people have been killed. Countless houses have been washed away, the number of damages is increasing day by day. But in the midst of all this, another shocking information has come to the fore. The United Nations has said that about 16 million children have been affected by the "super flood" in Pakistan, out of which at least 4 million are immediately given life-saving medical help

UNICEF gives statement regarding the situation

Abdullah Fadil, the representative of the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF), said in a statement on Friday that the situation in the flood-affected areas is very serious. Where malnourished children are battling with diarrhea, dengue, fever and many other diseases. Fadil, who recently completed a two-day tour of flood-hit areas of Sindh, said the floods have now claimed the lives of at least 528 children.

He said- "Small children are forced to live in the open with their families, they are facing new risks and dangers due to floods. The livelihood of the family has been lost. Due to being in the midst of damaged buildings and flood waters. Because these children are also facing dangers like bites of snakes and scorpions.

Other countries helping Pakistan

Young children are forced to live in the open with their families without drinking water, food and livelihood. Children's schools, health facilities and other things have been destroyed by the floods. However, in the midst of grief, he expressed a slight relief that even in this difficult time, there is a huge increase in support and assistance. Although this is much less than the loss.

Pakistan is getting help from many countries of the world. After the Gulf countries, help started coming from other countries as well. Japan has decided to provide emergency assistance of 7 million US dollars to Pakistan to fight the damage caused by the floods. At the same time, the Canadian government has announced a grant of 3 million Canadian dollars through 12 charitable organizations.


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