Pakistan Floods: Flood situation serious in Pakistan, risk of spreading infection among children

Publish Date: 05 Sep, 2022 |

Floods have created a ruckus in the neighboring country of Pakistan. Rain and deluge has disturbed life. A total of 1300 people have died in this flood so far. At the same time, now the risk of infection has increased, due to which the authorities have intensified efforts to prevent the spread of diseases caused by infection.

Rainfall 10 times above normal

According to the ESA image on 30 August, there was torrential monsoon rainfall - 10 times above normal. Due to the fast flow of the Indus river, a ten kilometer wide lake was formed. Pakistan is facing a double food and health crisis due to unprecedented floods. According to the CNN report, according to the charity Action Against Hunger, 27 million people in the country did not have enough food before the flood. Now the situation has become more dangerous due to floods. 

Saleh Saeed, chief executive of the Disaster Emergency Committee, a United Kingdom-based aid coalition, said, "Our priority right now is to save lives and help as the water continues to rise. Crops have been washed away and animals have been killed across vast areas of the country, Due to which the problem of hunger will become more serious.

Infection risk increased

As the water of the flood is decreasing, it is also bringing diseases with it. Therefore, teams of doctors have also been deployed in these areas. People forced to live in the camp are also suffering from many diseases. Different types of diseases are also spreading among them. Children are becoming the most victims of these diseases. At least 47,000 pregnant women were in shelter camps in the province. Efforts are being made by the government to prevent diseases caused by frequent infection.


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