Pakistan Floods: Floods in Pakistan, the largest lake in Manchar is in spate, villagers stranded

Publish Date: 08 Sep, 2022 |

The flooding in Pakistan has already made things awful,  Many residents of Sindh are also stranded due to the floods as a result of the overflow of Pakistan's largest lake, Manchar.CNN said that there is too much water. Individuals are about to drown. The residents of Sehta Sahaj were also warned about the situation.

Lake Manchar has expanded over hundreds of square kilometres as a result of the combined effects of a strong monsoon and glacier melting. On Tuesday, it broke its banks at least three times, causing several regions to flood and several feet of water to accumulate in the adjacent villages

Flood in Pakistan

Following unprecedented rainfall over the past two months, new satellite photos from the European Space Agency's (ESA) Sentinel Labs reveal how the lake has developed in a region covering hundreds of square kilometres, according to CNN. Once upon a time, the lake's peninsulas and islands vanished.

Additionally, satellite photographs reveal that despite the cracks, the lake's water level has remained alarmingly high, which could cause additional issues for the local inhabitants.


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