Pakistan Wheat Crisis: Acute shortage of flour in PoK, prices of essential commodities are soaring high- Watch Video

Publish Date: 12 Jan, 2023 |

There is a severe shortage of food items in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). Many areas including Bagh and Muzaffarabad are facing acute shortage of flour. People are blaming Islamabad and PoK government solely for the acute shortage of food.

The situation is such that on one hand the government supply of subsidized wheat has almost completely stopped, on the other hand the prices of other essential commodities are skyrocketing. Kitchen items are running out of shops and grocery stores. The shortage of wheat flour has also increased the prices of bread and bakery items.

Who is responsible for this condition?

This hopeless situation has created a situation of anarchy. Clashes between people have also been witnessed in this area in the last few days. The local people have blamed the government for this situation. A protester in Muzaffarabad said, "We will continue to protest until our demands are met." The scope of this protest can also increase, it can go from one district to another. We can protest in entire PoK. If the poor people yearn for bread, then the government is responsible for it. This is the responsibility of the government. Some said that wheat is the main part of the diet of the people in PoK and depriving them of this staple food could have disastrous consequences. The local people said that this is a problem affecting their basic needs and their standard of living.


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