Pakistanis pushed out for yelling “Kashmir-Kashmir” in America

Ayushee JoshiPublish Date: 25 Mar, 2023

Some Pakistanis in America have tainted their homeland. The transformation in Kashmir was reviewed at the National Press Club in Washington DC on Thursday. Meanwhile, some Pakistanis launched an attack there and were forced out as a result of this. This incident’s footage is going viral on the Internet. During the conversation, a Pakistani officer is seen shouting at the speaker in the viral video.

Pakistanis pushed out for defaming Kashmir 

The topic of change in Kashmir was being debated at the Press Club in Washington DC- ‘Kashmir- From Turmoil to Transformation’. The International Center for Peace Studies organized it. It is stated that some Kashmiri residents were called at this time. They began by applauding the Central Government’s development work and positive changes in Kashmir. Some of the Pakistani commanders there were offended by this praise and started causing a commotion in the middle of the show. They were then kicked out of the program.

Pakistan has nothing to do with Kashmir’s development

In his speech, the President of Jammu and Kashmir Workers Party Mir Junaid said, “I can say with confidence that peace and development have been reborn in Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir has seen many changes. Pakistan is fooling the world on the global stage. They have nothing to do with the progress of Kashmir. They want the fire of violence to keep burning in Kashmir.”

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