Parineeti-Raghav Engagement: Couple gets romantic after exchanging rings, Pari sang a song, Raghav kissed her, Watch Here

Ayushee JoshiPublish Date: 14 May, 2023

At Delhi’s Kapurthala House, Parineeti and Raghav got engaged. Following the engagement, Parineeti and Raghav also met with the media. Holding hands throughout, Parineeti and Raghav expressed their gratitude to the media and the paparazzi photos are currently becoming popular on social media. For her engagement, Parineeti chose a white traditional suit and Raghav wore a white traditional suit.

On social media, the engagement video is going viral. The couple can be seen in the video enjoying their romantic moments. Parineeti also performed the song “Mahi” for Raghav, who was seen kissing Parineeti at the time. Parineeti laughs and catches Raghav in her arms as she keeps singing after he kisses her on the cheek. Currently, this video is becoming popular on social media and receiving a lot of love from viewers.

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