Patna Boat Accident: Big boat accident in Patna, 10 people missing. Boat Accident | Ganga River- Watch Video

Publish Date: 05 Sep, 2022 |

A boat accident took place on Sunday evening in Maner, adjacent to the capital Patna . One boat sank in the Ganges after two boats collided. There were 50 to 55 people on the boat. Out of this, 10 to 12 people were missing till late night. Others were evacuated with the help of local people. Some people saved their lives by swimming. At the same time, some people were engaged in saving themselves even with the help of straw and grasses. 

There was chaos after the boat sank. The people on the boat were returning with straw. During this incident has happened. Different people are giving different figures of missing people in relation to the incident. Due to the chaos, the exact figure of the missing people could not be found till late at night. No official announcement has yet been made regarding the figure as to how many people are missing. Today the correct figure can come about this. The whole incident happened near Sherpur Ghat. After getting the information, a crowd of local people gathered at the spot. The officials were informed. The SDRF team was also informed about the incident.

It is being said that the boat was open from near Dawoodpur Ladder Ghat of Danapur police station area and this incident happened around 7 pm near Sherpur in Maner. The cattle rearers were returning to Sherpur, Daudpur, Khaspur in three boats with fodder. Meanwhile, two boats collided near Sherpur. After the incident, there was chaos among the families of the missing people.


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