Patna: Municipal Corporation runs a bulldozer at the shop of Graduate Chaywali, the girl was crying bitterly

Publish Date: 20 Aug, 2022 |

Priyanka Gupta made a lot of headlines in Patna by the name of 'Graduate Chaiwali'. She also got a lot of name from the name of her tea stall and she became very popular in the area. Due to which her tea business also got a boost, but the Patna Municipal Corporation could not tolerate this progress. The Municipal Corporation has taken action on his stall.

Municipal Corporation comments on the situation

The Municipal Corporation on Thursday confiscated the stall of Graduate Chai Wali Priyanka Gupta . At that time, graduate chaiwala Priyanka Gupta started crying bitterly on the road. Municipal officials say that the stall was removed even before this, but again the stall was put up at the same place. For this reason this action took place. The Revenue Officer confiscated the tea stall saying that there was encroachment on the road and took possession of it. Action is being taken against all the encroachers by running a campaign.

In fact, near the SKpuri Park in the Boring Road area of Patna, the Municipal Corporation launched a drive to remove the encroachment on Thursday. During this, 10 shops including graduate tea shops on the footpath were removed. The graduate tea shop was earlier located near Patna Women's College. But Priyanka Gupta took him away from there and took him to the Boring Road area.

Graduate Chai Wali meets Lalu

Angered by the action of the administration, Priyanka reached RJD supremo Lalu Yadav at his residence. She met Lalu and pleaded for help. The RJD supremo assured Priyanka that they would talk about it. After meeting Lalu, the graduate chaiwala got his handcart back. Municipal Commissioner Animesh Parashar said that the tea stall has been given back. Where she used to have a tea shop earlier, she will set it up there. They will have no problem going forward.


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