People crave water in Amravati. Risking life for a bucket of water

Publish Date: 10 Jun, 2022 |

People are struggling with a heavy water crisis in Amravati, Maharashtra. A video of a severe water crisis surfaced from Melghat in Amravati, people are struggling hard to get water drop by drop. The condition here is that people are risking their lives to quench their thirst with contaminated water. 

Contaminated water

Melghat of Amravati suffers from water crisis during the summer season, people are seen wandering for water drop by drop in the village of Chikhaldara tehsil of Melghat. Here people are coming down from the mountains and collecting water from a well. Contaminated water is also coming out between the mountains. In Chikhaldara's Ek Jira village, women and children are constantly putting their lives at risk for water.

Other villages suffering from water crisis

A similar problem was seen in Hiridpada village of Nashik. There was also news in the media that due to the water crisis, many people left their homes and left the village. A resident of Haripada had said that there is a severe water crisis in the village. Because of this, people from outside do not want to come here. Because of this problem our children are not getting married. That's why people are being forced to leave the village.

Many parts of Maharashtra have been facing water shortage for months. Power crisis and bad roads in some parts are also hampering the supply of water. Local people, troubled by the severe water crisis, complain that we have to travel long distances to get water, walking 2 km to get water. Politicians come to get votes, but not to help.


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