Perform these three asanas to keep your mind calm and stress-free

Publish Date: 14 Jun, 2021 |

Asanas to keep your mind calm:

Living in such difficult times, and keeping up with life peacefully is very difficult, where the world seems to be so depressing and the anxiety attacks become an everyday thing. However, there are many things that may help you keep your mind at peace, and away from negativity, and one such thing is yoga and meditation.

So, mentioned below are three Asanas that will help you in keeping your mind at peace. 

1. Vajrasana (The Thunderbolt pose): 

To perform the Vajrasana, bend both your legs backward and sit on your knees. Keep the waist, back, and shoulders straight. Keeping the neck straight, keep the face towards the front. Keep both the hands above the knees or in the lap in meditation posture. Close your eyes and try to calm your mind and take deep breaths.

2. Padmasana (Lotus Pose):

To perform the Padmasana, first of all, spread your legs forward and sit on the ground and keep your spine straight. Then, bending the right knee, place the right foot on the left thigh, and repeat the same process, place the left foot on the right thigh. Place the hands on the knee joints and choose any hand posture of your choice. During this, the head should be straight and the spine straight. Hold for a few minutes while taking long and deep breaths and then release. Do this mudra for 1 to 5 minutes.

3. Padauttanasana (Standing Split Pose):

To perform the Padauttanasana, lie down flat on your back, and then slowly raise both of your legs up. You can even take the support of a wall for your legs, and continue breathing slowly. Then gently bring down your legs, and get up from your right side. 

So, these were the three asanas that will help you in keeping your mind calm. Holding each pose for 30 seconds, and performing 5 rounds of each is advised, to get the best results of it.


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