Perform these Yoga poses to relieve joint pain

Publish Date: 20 Nov, 2021 |

Yoga poses to relieve joint pain:

Joint Pain has been considered as one of the leading miseries found among senior citizens. While being a common kind of pain, joint pain becomes quite difficult to get rid of, however, there are quite a few ways that can provide significant relief for the affected areas, and one such effective way is Yoga.

So, in this article further, let’s know how to perform certain yoga asanas that will help you relieve your joint pain.

Stretches for different body parts:

1. Neck: 

Starting with the neck stretches, the pose requires you to turn your neck in different directions from left to right, to upward and downward, as mentioned in the video. Doing this pose twice a day helps people suffering from neck issues and cervical pain.

2. Shoulder: 

Put your fingers on your shoulders, and move your elbows in a movement 8 times forward, and 8 times backward as mentioned in the video. Perform the pose for 40 seconds to 1 minute, and after that interlock your hand as mentioned in the video, and stretch for a few seconds.

3. Wrist:

Rotate your wrist by stretching your arms straight, as mentioned in the video for 16 rounds forward, and 16 backward.

4. Ankle:

Stand straight in the position of Tadasana, and start bending on one of your sides as mentioned in the video, and then on the other side. The asana is known as Tiryaka Tadasana and it helps in strengthening the ankle and calves. The asana also helps stabilize the body and brings alignment to the body.

5. Back:

Perform hip circles by rotating your back in circular motions clockwise and anti-clockwise, as the asana helps in straightening the back. It is advised to perform the pose 16 times, 8 times clockwise, and 8 anti-clockwise.

6. Urdhava Dhanushasana:

To perform Urdhava Dhanushasana also known as Chakrasana, lie down on your back and keep both your arms and legs straight. Now bend your legs from here on the knee and take your hands backward near your head and rest them on the ground. Now take your breath in and raise the hips while putting the weight on your feet.

While putting weight on both your hands, raise your shoulders and slowly straighten your hands from here on the elbows. You should keep in mind that the distance between both the feet and the distance between both the hands should be the same. Keep your arms and legs completely straight. Now try to bring both your hands near both your feet and bring them as close as you can. The asana helps people suffering from weak back issues.

7. Uttanasana: 

Uttanasana stretches the hamstring and relieves tension around spine muscles while stretching the neck and back.

It is advised to perform these yoga poses to relieve joint pain during the morning to give a fresh start to your day.


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