PFI Banned In India: Social media also banned, now PFI's twitter account is also closed after the ban

Publish Date: 29 Sep, 2022 |

The official Twitter account of Popular Front of India, which promotes terrorist activities, has also been closed. A day earlier, the Union Home Ministry had banned this organisation for five years. After which there was talk of reining in its account present on social media. Twitter India today closed the official Twitter account of PFI following a legal demand from the central government.

Other organisations also banned

At present, people associated with the organisation are now looking for legal avenues. This is the fourth crackdown on the Islamic fundamentalist organisation in 7 days. After guerilla action in about 13 states, the government on Wednesday banned the organisation for 5 years. The government has declared 'unlawful organisations' under the provisions of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 including Rehab India Foundation (RIF), Campus Front of India (CFI), All India Imam Council (AIIC), National Confederation of Human Rights Organisation (NCHRO), National Women's Front, Junior Front, Empower India Foundation and Rehab Foundation, Kerala

PFI also active internationally.

There have also been several cases of PFI's links with terrorist organizations like the 'Islamic State of Iraq and Syria' (ISIS), the notification said. The notification claimed that the PFI and its allies or fronts are working covertly to increase radicalization in a community by creating a feeling of insecurity in the country, which is confirmed by the fact that some PFI activists are internationally have joined active terrorist organizations.


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