Phone Blast: Why OnePlus Nord Smartphones Are Exploding, When Did Blasts Happen? What was the company's argument?

Publish Date: 12 Apr, 2022 |

Blast incidents are being recorded continuously in OnePlus Nord series smartphones. After the continuous blast in the OnePlus Nord series, the company is not considering discontinuing the smartphone series. However, the company is said to have found out about the blast case. In most cases of phone blasts, the company has blamed the customers. 

Reason given by OnePlus

The company claims that the reason behind most of the blast cases of the phone is external and not internal. Simply put, the blasts have happened in smartphones due to the fault of the customers themselves. However, in many cases the company has had to admit its mistake and in return has been forced to pay damages to the customers. 

Phone blast occurs due to short-circuit, overheating and bad battery in the phone. Phone charger with a local and cheap charger can blast the phone. Cheap and local chargers can overheat the phone. The phone battery can explode due to exposure to direct sunlight or water. Batteries can produce gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide after prolonged use, which can cause the battery to swell and explode. 

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Tech Experts explains the blasts

Nothing has been officially told by OnePlus about this at the moment. Nor has there been any clear reason for the blast of the phone. But many tech experts say that when the phone is being charged, there is high radiation around it. This can also be a reason for the battery to get hot. Maybe because of this the phone exploded. Even when the battery cell is dead, the chemical inside the smartphone changes, due to which there is a possibility of the battery exploding.


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