Pi Day 2023: Why Pi (π) is the Most Important Number in the Universe? | History of Pi Day

Publish Date: 14 Mar, 2023
Pi Day 2023: Why Pi (π) is the Most Important Number in the Universe? | History of Pi Day
Pi Day 2023: Every year on March 14th, people all across the world celebrate Pi Day to honour the Pi mathematical constant. Pi has a rough value of 3.14. The date (3/14) matches the first three digits of the mathematical constant when expressed in the month/day format. 

Pi Day 2023: History of Pi Day 

Larry Shaw, a physicist, was the first to recognise Pi Day in 1988. The US House of Representatives established Pi Day in 2009. UNESCO later designated March 14 as the "International Day of Mathematics" at its general meeting in 2019. Albert Einstein, a mathematician and physicist best known for his "General Theory of Relativity," was born on March 14th, 1879. Mathematician Archimedes of Syracuse is credited for determining Pi's value for the first time. When Leonhard Euler used the sign of Pi in 1737, the scientific community eventually embraced it. 

Pi Day 2023: Why March 14 Chosen as Pi Day? 

Later Physicist Shaw linked the digits of Pi with March 14 to organise a special day for the staff of Exploratorium in San Francisco. March 14 is also celebrated as the ‘Super Pi day' when the first 10 digits of Pi were achieved at 9:26:53 am in 2015 forming the exact moment along with the date as (3/14/15/92653).

Pi Day 2023: Why PI is Most Important Number in Mathematics?

The ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter across is known as the number. This ratio stays the same. The figure will remain constant regardless of the size of the circle we use to test this. It starts at 3.141592653589 and never ends.

Pi Day 2023: Why Pi is called the Magic Number?

The Egyptians and Aryabhata discovered this fixed ratio and have found (Pi) to be an intriguing constant; they did so some 4,000 years ago. In addition to being a math teacher's favourite dessert, the mathematical symbol Pi is used in a wide range of contexts across numerous academic disciplines. The search for its nature and linkages continues to this day because it is one of the most well-known constants. Pi will always be connected to the rest of the world; this is not going to change.

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