Plane carrying 72 people crashed on the runway in Nepal. Nepal | News

Publish Date: 15 Jan, 2023 |

On Sunday morning, a passenger plane crashed in Pokhara, Nepal. There are reportedly 72 seats on this airplane. Following the accident, rescue efforts are ongoing. The airport was temporarily closed as a result. Four crew members and 68 passengers were on board the Yeti Airlines aircraft at the time of the disaster.

Plane crash in Nepal

The plane flying from Kathmandu to Pokhra crashed on sunday morning. In addition to the four crew members, there were 68 passengers on board. 40 deaths from the jet disaster have so far been confirmed. The number of fatalities could rise even further, it is reportedly claimed. There were 14 other foreigners and 5 Indians on the plane.

Plane travelling from Kathmandu to Pokhra crashed

According to a local authority, the jet caught fire as a result of the collision, and firefighters are now attempting to extinguish it. The Yeti Airlines ATR 72 crashed between the old airport and Pokhara International Airport, according to Sudarshan Bartaula, a representative for the airline.


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