PM Modi Addresses 90th INTERPOL General Assembly in Delhi

Publish Date: 18 Oct, 2022 |

The 90th session of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) began on Tuesday. It will run till October 21. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated it. On this occasion, Modi said- For 99 years Interpol is connecting the police of 195 countries of the world. In the program, the functioning of Interpol will be reviewed and many important issues including future criminal challenges, and strategies to crack down on international gangs will be discussed. This General Assembly is organized once a year.

Interpol General Secretary gives information

In an interview before the session, Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock said – We have no role in stopping State Sponsored Terrorism, that is, terrorism that any government supports. We take action against child abuse, rape, murder, drug smuggling, and cyber criminals. They earn billions of dollars every year from these illegal activities.

Responding to a question, Stock said – Red Notice or International Arrest Warrant does not mean that we pressurize any member country to arrest the criminal. It decides the criminal system or law of that country. So far 780 red notices have been issued for India. Of these, 33 were released this year. The location of 65 fugitive Indians was traced in two years.

PM Modi made a speech at the session

In his address, PM Modi said that India is a case study for the world in maintaining diversity and democracy. He said that over the past 99 years, Interpol has connected police organizations globally in 195 countries. This is despite differences in the legal framework. He said that now is the time to look ahead and also look at the past. Our Vedas say that good ideas come from all directions and India believes in global cooperation.

Modi said that this is a call for universal cooperation to make the world a better place. India is one of the top players in UN peacekeeping operations. Even before our independence, we have made sacrifices to make the world a better place. The Indian police force enforces over 900 national and 10,000 state laws.


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