PM Modi received this specific appeal from Pakistani PM Shahbaz Sharif | Pakistan Economic Crisis

Publish Date: 17 Jan, 2023 |

Pakistan is currently through its worst economic period. A statement made by Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif regarding India has gained attention in the middle of this economic crisis. He claimed that Pakistan had learned its lesson from the three wars it has fought with India. 

What did Shahbaz Sharif say?

Shahbaz Sharif discussed the third war with India in public. His tone toward India during this time was slightly altered. According to Shahbaz Sharif, Pakistan has learned its lesson after three wars with India. We must coexist because our countries are close by. It is up to both of us to bring about harmony and development. Unemployment and poverty only began to spread after the war with India. We desire a solution to our issues.

Shahbaz Sharif talks about PM Modi

Shahbaz stated, "My message to the Indian management and PM Modi is simply that we should sit down and address common issues including Kashmir," in an interview with the international Arabic news station Al Arabiya. Without arguing or wasting time and resources on fights, we must go forward with one another.


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