PM Modi's emotional condition while lighting the funeral pyre of mother Heeraben | PM Modi Mother Heeraben Modi Death

Publish Date: 30 Dec, 2022 |

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's mother Heera Ba passed away. PM Modi offered fire to his mother. He was cremated in a simple way at a cremation ground in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Hira Ba passed away at 3.30 am on Friday. She was 100 years old. 

PM Modi carried the remains of his mother

Prime Minister Modi attended Maa Heeraba's last visit. With tears in his eyes, Modi carried the remains of his mother Heera Ba. Heera Ba was then set on fire at Gandhinagar according to Hindu sanathan rituals. Modi's mother Heera Ba merged with Panchatatva. Prime Minister Modi set fire along with other sons Somabai, Prahlad, and Pankaj. Early Friday morning, Heeraba's final journey departed from the Society of Raisan area in Gandhinagar. Her final drive reached her Muktidham in Sector 30. Heeraba was cremated here.

PM Modi consolidated his brother

During Prime Minister Modi's mother Heera Bah's final ceremonies, his brother Sombai Modi could not restrain himself. His eldest son Sombhai cried bitterly at his mother's funeral. Narendra Modi stood before him. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, continued to control his emotions and did the entire process of the final ceremonies.


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