Police confiscated the former CM's vehicle after Digvijay Singh's SUV car blew up a bike rider

Publish Date: 10 Mar, 2023 |

At the town of Zirapur in the Rajgarh district on Thursday, a bike rider was allegedly struck by the SUV driven by former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh and prominent Congress leader Digvijay Singh. The young man leaped and tumbled away following the incident, banging his head on an electric pole and suffering severe injuries. He has been sent to Bhopal for medical attention. After filing a complaint against the driver in this matter, the police impounded the former CM's car.

Police gives statement

In charge of Zirapur police station As per Mukesh Gaur, the event happened when a young man riding a motorbike unexpectedly entered Singh's convoy close to Vijaya Convent School and was struck by a car in the convoy. The subject is being looked into, he claimed.

In a later interview with reporters, Singh explained that the collision occurred while his car was travelling slowly when a young man on a motorcycle abruptly pulled out in front of it. Thank Goodness he wasn't gravely hurt, he said. He has been directed to Bhopal by me. According to sources, Singh proceeded to Chirayu Hospital and Medical College to visit the injured lad and find out his condition after arriving in Bhopal late at night.


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