Pollution in Delhi-NCR: Layer of foam accumulates over Yamuna as pollution in the national capital increases

Publish Date: 09 Nov, 2021 |

Pollution in the national capital has increased so much that in the Kalindi Kunj area of Delhi, pollution got accumulated over the Yamuna river as white layers, looking similar to snow. The delhi government has several times expressed concern over the increasing pollution in Yamuna river but the problem has not been controlled yet. 

In Delhi, the water pollution has also increased besides Air pollution leading to an increase in the problems of Delhi residents. The amount of Ammonia in Water has increased considerably. It is believed that detergents used in Factories, dyeing units and homes lead to an increase in the amount of phosphate in water, which is the reason behind the layer of foam over the Yamuna river.

The residue water of detergents making factories is released in Yamuna river through drains. Hence, the presence of phosphate in dorty water of Sewage causes white foam layer of pollution over the Yamuna river. This foam layer also increases the danger of serious illness that can spread throughout the city. This is most dangerous for those who use Yamuna water for bathing. 

At the same time, people of Kalindi Kunj area took sacred bath in polluted Yamuna river on the first day of Chhath Puja today. But this sacred bath can be a danger for their health.



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