Pollution takes over Delhi as people burnt crackers with full zeal despite of the ban

Publish Date: 05 Nov, 2021 |

Delhi government had put complete ban on burning of firecrackers in the national capital, keeping in mind the pollution and air quality concerns. But despite of the ban, people burnt crackers with full zeal. Due to this, the morning next to Diwali was full of pollution for Delhi residents and the people living in nearby areas. The whole atmosphere in the NCR was full of smog.

Pollution in Delhi

To control the pollution following Diwali celebrations, the Delhi government had imposed ban on crackers but still fireworks were witnessed in very areas on the festival night. Hence, Government’s steps to control pollution have completely failed as the air quality post Diwali has been registered as hazardous for the general public. The air has become extremely poisonous due to bursting of crackers by people. 

The sky got filled with cloud of smoke and visibility reduced terribly causing extreme difficulties for the general public of Delhi. People are experiencing soar throat and burning in eyes because of the smog. The whole capital could be seen covered with fog today. Even after the sunrise, people had to switch on their headlights due to the decline in visibility caused by the smog. 

Straw burning's impact on Delhi

The pollution in Delhi is mainly caused by the burning of straw in Punjab and Haryana as the smoke of straw burning from these two states enter the national capital. Last year, till November 5, the contribution of straw burning in Air pollution in Delhi was as high as 42%. In 2019, on November 1, the straw burning caused 44% of the total pollution in the National Capital.


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