Power of Face Yoga - Ep 4 I Face Massages To Reduce Wrinkles

Publish Date: 21 May, 2022 |

Younger generation often lack patience when it comes to taking care of their facial health. While going to the gym and sweating for hours is beneficial for the body, so is performing yoga for inner peace and strength. While India is known as the land of Yoga, Indians are blessed to have different kinds of asanas (positions) for fighting possibly every kind of health issue. In this episode we will decode some extremely beneficial Face Massages to reduce wrinkles.

Squeeze tapping massage

Inhale and squeeze your face and then with the help of your fingertips tap your face lightly and thoroughly, not only it relaxes your muscles but also improves blood circulation in your face. This technique is called beauty at your fingertips. It releases toxins and retains the lost facial glow.

Face massage with Jade roller

A jade roller also regulates good blood circulation in your face. For this always note use it in an upward direction, it strengthens your facial muscles and reduces face swelling and dullness. Do it on both the sides and on the forehead. It tones chin muscles and reduces wrinkles. Use it diagonally for the eyes as shown in the video. 

Those who deal with laughing lines near their lips, need to follow this easy step.

  1. Tuck your lips inside your mouth

  2. Take a jade roller and roll it horizontally 

  3. Relax and repeat

Neck Massage

  1. Jade roller can also help relaxing neck muscles

  2. Look at the upward direction

  3. Roll the jade in the upward direction. Always go for the upper strokes.


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