Pregnancy Terms Which Every Woman Should Know About I Himani Seth I Pregnancy Glossary

Publish Date: 17 Nov, 2022 |

Pregnancy is a beautiful yet challenging phase for women all around the globe. And with time, it becomes difficult to adjust to the changes in the body and cope with the mood swings that come as a byproduct of it. In this video, Himani Seth throws some light on the terms and phrases which women experience during the phase of pregnancy. If you are going through the same or if you want to get information about pregnancy, do watch this video.

Pregnancy Terms Which Every Woman Should Know About

Baby Blue period: It’s a mild depression period which many women feel after the birth of a baby. Mood swings, tears, worry, and sleep issues are all classic symptoms of baby blue. It generally starts 2-3 days after the birth of a baby and can last for 2 weeks. 

Morning sickness: Morning sickness, also referred to as nausea and vomiting  is a common occurrence during pregnancy. It happens in 70% of pregnancies. Despite its name, morning sickness can happen at any time of the day or night. Many people endure morning sickness throughout the pregnancy but especially during the first three months.

Cesarean section: Through surgical incisions made in the abdomen and uterus, a baby is delivered via cesarean section or C-section. It is a medical technique in which one or more babies are delivered via an abdominal incision

Kegel exercise: A Kegel exercise involves holding it while pretending as though you must urinate. You alternately tense and release the muscles that control urination which is a  great approach to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

Prenatal doctor: Prenatal tests can provide important details about your unborn child's health. It is offered in the form of medical examinations.

Postpartum Period: The six weeks following childbirth are frequently used to define the postpartum period. After the baby is born, hormone levels fall, and it could take three to four months  for them to recover to normal.


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