President Draupadi Murmu First Speech as the 15th President of India Full Speech

Publish Date: 25 Jul, 2022 |

Draupadi Murmu took the oath of office and secrecy from Chief Justice (CJI) NV Raman. Murmu became the country's 15th President after taking the oath of office. She is the country's first tribal President and the country's second female President. The swearing-in ceremony in the Central Hall of Parliament was attended by all of the major leaders of the ruling and opposition parties, as well as Union ministers and MPs. Murmu delivered her inaugural speech in Hindi after taking the oath of office. She stated that achieving this position is not her personal achievement, but it is also true that poor people in India can dream and achieve their goals.

The world has high hopes from India- Says President Murmu 

She stated that India is a diverse country with high expectations from the rest of the world. Her Excellency went on to say that India's image in the world has improved, and the country's reputation has grown. Her election as President exemplifies democracy's greatness. She stated, "I want to tell our country's youth that you are not only building your future, but also laying the groundwork for future India." As President of the Republic, I will always have your full support. I want all of our sisters and daughters to be empowered more and more so that they can continue to contribute to the country in all areas.

The President said, ''I have been born in that tribal tradition which has led life in harmony with nature for thousands of years. I have realized the importance of forests and water bodies in my life. We take necessary resources from nature and serve nature with equal reverence. I have experienced the meaning of life in public service in my life so far. There is a line from the poem of Bhim Bhoi ji, an eminent poet of Jagannath region: “"Jagat deliverance heu, mo jeevan pache narke padi thau." That is, work must be done for the greater good of the world than for the benefit and harm of one's own life. With the spirit of global goodwill, I will always be ready to work with full devotion and dedication to live up to your trust.'


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