Price Hike: Prices of Petrol and Diesel continue to rise

Publish Date: 28 Sep, 2021 |

Indian people doesn’t seem getting relief from price hike because after few days of relaxation, prices of oil and fuel have once again started rising. Due to increase in price of oil in international market, prices of both the fuels, Petrol and Diesel, have escalated tremendously. 

Indian oil companies have been increasing the cost of Diesel and Petrol since a long time. According to the prices declared today,i.e. September 28, the rate of Diesel has increased by 25 paise whereas the rate of Petrol has increased by 20-22 paise.

Here’s the price of petrol and diesel in Metropolitan cities:


Petrol- Rs 101.39,

Diesel- Rs. 89.57.


Petrol- Rs 107.47

Diesel- Rs. 97. 21


Petrol- 101.87

Diesel- 92.66


Petrol- 99.15

Diesel- 94.17

Demand for imposition of GST on fuels

Price of diesel have been increased 4 times in 5 days and the increase amounts to 95 paise. Though, Petrol was increased today for the first time in the month of September, Diesel was increased several times and the increase amounts to Rs.1 Hence, due to this constant increase in prices, people have been demanding the imposition of GST on Petrol and Diesel. As more than 50% of price of fuels is the tax levied by state and central government, the imposition of GST can help in reducing the prices of the two fuels. 

But the Union Finance Minister, after holding the meeting of GST council, has already clarified that Petrol and Diesel will not be included in the list of products and services under GST for now.


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