Price Hike: Tomato prices increased causing disturbance in household budget, Check the prices

Publish Date: 24 Nov, 2021 |

The general public doesn’t seem like getting relief from price hike in near future. Earlier, the hike in fuel prices was creating troubles for people and now that fuel prices are in control, the hike in prices of tomatoes is making people shed tears. 

The prices of tomatoes bumped up significantly in past few days. Talking about Hyderabad, 1 kg tomatoes cost Rs.120. People expressed their concern about the increasing prices as it has disturbed the whole household budget. In most of the states of country, prices of tomatoes have crossed the Rs. 100 mark. 

Following are the prices of tomatoes in major cities of India:

Delhi- Rs. 65-90/ kg

Mumbai- Rs. 50-70/ kg

Bhopal- Rs. 60-80/ kg

Jaipur- Rs. 80-100/ kg

Due to increase in prices of tomatoes and other vegetables, the food of common man has become distasteful. Just like other states, Madhya Pradesh is also facing increase in tomato prices. In Bhopal, tomato is being sold at Rs. 80/kg. 

Right now, tomatoes are being supplied from south Indian states, where crops got destroyed due to heavy rainfall and consequent floods. This has resulted in increase in prices. De,and of tomatoes has increased as the marriage season has begun in India. Also, the doubt about possible third wave of COVID-19 led to decrease in farming of tomatoes



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