PUBG Addiction: How Video Games Are Affecting Children's mental health, Know Experts Opinion

Publish Date: 11 Jun, 2022 |

PUBG Addiction: Addiction & its battle with men has always been there since mankind, from cigarettes to alcohol to drugs, and now in the new digital millennium, there’s a new addiction called, gaming addiction. Game addiction is a typical problem among children these days, however there have been numerous reports that raise concerns about how video games are proving to be detrimental for children's mental health. Along with experts, let's find a solution to this question in this video.

The Lucknow pubg case

Recently a bizarre news surfaced on the internet which shook the world. A 16 year old boy from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh killed his own mom who was trying to stop him from playing games. Apparently the boy shot his mother with a licensed gun from his father who is in the military. When found guilty he even faked a false narrative to the police and was later taken into custody.

Expert advice on PUBG addiction

As per Dr. Dinesh Mohan Chaudhari who is the Assistant consultant (Neurology) in Apollo hospital “Players in most games, such as Pubg, become so engrossed in them that they develop a psychological dependency on it. Most of the actions performed in the game are of extremely violent nature and which results in an urge to implement those same things in real life.” 

The Lucknow case was probably not the first case reported, a previous report states that a 16 year old boy from Hyderabad was charged for withdrawing RS. 36 Lakh from her mother’s account to spend it on PUBG. PUBG along with many Chinese app was previously banned by India but with new amendments it was relaunched in the country with a new name and identity.

How is PUBG affecting mental growth of children

As per Amrita Saluja (Psychologist and Hypnotherapist) “Games such as PUBG and Free fire are the red flags because these games introduces childrens to the word like ‘Killing, loot, murder, etc’ in a completely normalise ways”. Quoting the incident of Lucknow she said that the action done by the boy was not an action of rage because of someone does something in anger, the result of the same makes them regret but that was not the case with the boy who was living a normal life with his friend’.

As per the report a major part of the young generation in India is badly affected with gaming addiction.

How serious is gaming addiction in India?

Factors affecting such kind of behavior in children are 

  1. Loneliness- With the concept of nuclear family, children mostly feel lonely when their mom and dad are away working. And thereby to fill the gap they get dependent on other means.

  2. Comfort zone- Getting a level up in such games boost the confidence and self esteem of the player and thereby the urge to get more is constant.

In a survey conducted in 2020 65 percent of children under the age of 20 believed that they are ready to give food and sleep to these role playing games. Many reports quoted that in India after 2020, on an average a child plays games for 218 mins everyday. The number skyrocketed during the corona virus  lockdown period in the country.

Digital Detox to combat gaming addiction

As per Dr. Rituparna Ghosh (consultant, psychology, Apollo hospital) 'Even though we have transitioned back to normal life the problem of gaming addiction is still prevalent. To combat this kind of problem it is necessary for the parents to teach their kids how to do Digital detox.’

In 2020, the numbers of online gamers in India climbed to 400 million compared to 250 Million in 2018. China too has a vast section of gaming but the government to avoid such kind of addiction has put up strong restrictions.


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