PUBG: The murderer's son gave shocking information. Said waited 10 hours for mother's death

Publish Date: 10 Jun, 2022 |

The teenager who killed his mother for refusing to play PUBG game has told a shocking thing. During interrogation, the juvenile told the police that after shooting he suspected that his mother was not alive. That's why he was repeatedly going to the mother's room and opening the door and looking. For about 10 hours, he kept opening the door continuously to confirm whether his mother had died or not. According to the information, the son had shot the mother at 2 o'clock in the night and the mother was suffering till about 12 o'clock in the day.

What did the kid say in the Interrogation 

In the case, the accused son has given many shocking answers during the police interrogation. When the police questioned the accused son about his remorse, it came to know that even after carrying out such a big incident, the accused sons are still not remorseful. During interrogation, the boy said that he shot his mother with his father's pistol while sleeping at night.

The accused said that after the incident, he continued to threaten the younger sister to keep quiet. Played cricket fiercely with friends. To hide the stench of the corpse, room freshener was sprinkled in the house. When the police asked about partying in the house, he said that he was scared at night and had not seen a movie with him for a long time and they were all talking, then I said let's go home.

Accused used to watch porn

The accused son said that he used to watch porn and the mother used to refuse. The boy said that my friends saw but no one used to tell them anything. Apart from this, during interrogation, the boy said that after carrying out the incident, he used to go to get food from outside and used to come home with the food.


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