Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu targets Channi Government all over again while discouraging borrowing

Publish Date: 16 Nov, 2021 |

Punjab Finances Navjot Sidhu:

Punjab Congress President Navjoy Singh Sidhu has once again targeted the Charanjit Singh Channi government while making the headlines all over again. Through a tweet shared on his official Twitter handle, Navjot Singh Sidhu, Navjot Singh Sidhu asked raised questions to the ruling Charanjit Singh Channi government in Punjab, asking them that why haven’t the 1 lah vacancies have been filled yet, when the government promises to provide 26 lakhs to the people.

Adding further, Navjot Singh Sidhu mentioned that while before announcing any scheme or government relief packages, the government shall always mention the source of funds being employed for that particular scheme. Sidhu also said that no scheme shall be introduced after taking loans and advances, hence, disclosure of the source of funds for every scheme being introduced shall be done. 

Tweeting about the same, Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu said “Today Punjab is the most indebted state in India. Debt accounts for 50% of the state GDP. Half of our expenditure is funded by expensive debt. Lets not derail from real issues to which every Punjabi and party worker demands a solution, because there’s 



It must be noted that the Channi government in Punjab has made a few people-friendly announcements, that include a decrease in fuel, a cut in power tariff, and free water for many households that have financial implications. And Sidhu has been slamming the Punjab Congress for its popularity moves while questioning the same.


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