QUEEN ELIZABETH II DEATH: Queen Elizabeth of Britain visited India 3 times in 70 years

Publish Date: 09 Sep, 2022 |

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II breathed her last on Thursday night. Queen Elizabeth II, who held the throne of Britain for 70 years, has visited India three times. The first tour took place in 1961. The second tour was in 1983 and Elizabeth visited India for the third time in 1997. During this she met former President KR Narayan. Elizabeth was the oldest and longest-reigning queen in British history.

Queen Elizabeth II had come to Ahmedabad in 1961.

As soon as Queen Elizabeth II came out of Ahmedabad airport, lakhs of people had gathered to see her. Queen Elizabeth II was riding in an open car and was on her way to the Raj Bhavan, the governor's residence. There was a huge crowd on the streets. Everyone wanted to meet Queen Elizabeth II. 

People were respecting her from afar. Some were sitting on top of their cars to greet Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, while others had climbed onto the roofs of their homes. All the people of Gujarat warmly welcomed the royal couple. The Queen was also standing in the car and accepting everyone's greetings.

Kohinoor in Britain

About 800 years ago a shining stone was found in India, which was named Kohinoor. The Kohinoor diamond is one of the largest diamonds in the world. It is said that it was found in the Golconda mine of India. When the British colony came to Punjab in 1849, it was presented to the Queen by the last Sikh ruler, Dalip Singh. Not only this, there is also a big stone in the crown of the Queen given to Queen Victoria in 1856 by the then Sultan of Turkey. He gave this to show his gratitude towards the support of the British army in the Crimean War. 


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