Queen Elizabeth II Funeral: How Britain's Queen Elizabeth II will be cremated

Publish Date: 09 Sep, 2022 |

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, there has been an influx of people paying tribute to her. People are getting emotional remembering him. In the meantime, many people are also wanting to know when the last rites of the Queen will be buried, so that people can bid her last farewell. 

Funeral rites according to operation London Bridge

In 2021, a report was leaked on an American news website. This report was related to 'Operation London Bridge', which was made about the funeral after the death of the Queen. According to that leaked report, the funeral program of Queen Elizabeth II will last for a full 10 days. The body of the Queen will be kept in the coffin in Parliament for 3 days. Before her burial, her new heir, his son Prince Charles, will travel across the country before his funeral. These will also include all the countries that come within the UK.

According to the leaked report, Queen Elizabeth II will be buried next to Prince Philip. Not only this, on the day he is buried, there will be national mourning and there will be a holiday in the whole country. According to this leaked US report, the authorities will consider the day of the death of Queen Elizabeth II as 'D-Day'.

Prince Charles Coronation

According to the information, after the death of the Queen, Prime Minister Liz Truss was informed by phone. After this, the royal family closed the eyes of the Queen under all the preparations. After this Prince Charles was declared the new king. However, the formal coronation of Prince Charles will take place later. However, during this time all members of King Charles's family would kiss his hands and thank him when he was declared the new king. Whereas all the information related to the death of the Queen will be given to the Governor General, Ambassador after the PM.


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