Queen Elizabeth II Funeral: Queen's letter to Australia, secret to open in 2085

Publish Date: 19 Sep, 2022 |

The last visit of Queen Elizabeth II is to be held today i.e. on September 19, Her Majesty Draupadi Murmu, the President of India, had also reached the last sight of the Queen on this occasion. Queen Elizabeth II has written a secret letter to Australia, which is locked inside a vault in Sydney. The special thing is that it cannot be opened for the next 63 years i.e. till the year 2085. No one, not even the Queen's personal staff, is aware of what is written in the letter. 

According to an Australian news channel, the letter is kept in a glass case inside a vault in the historic Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. It was written in November 1986, in which the Queen addressed the people of Sydney. This letter cannot be opened until 2085.

Even the personal staff does not know the details

The report of 7NEWS Australia further states that even the personal staff of the Queen are not aware of what has been written in the letter. This letter is kept in a glass case in a safe place. The only thing that is certain about the letter is that it cannot be opened until 2085. In this letter addressed to the Lord Mayor of Sydney, it has been directed that you open this letter on an appropriate day in the year 2085 and give my message to the people of Sydney.

Queen Elizabeth II visited Australia 16 times as head of state . On Friday, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Australia held a special place in Her Majesty's heart. In 1999, a referendum was made in Australia about whether to remove the Queen from the post of 'Head of the State' or not, then it was not passed.

Queen toured 57 cities

Instructions have been given to the Lord Mayor of Sydney regarding the letter. It says that this letter will be opened on the appropriate day chosen by you in the year 2085 and a message will be given to the citizens of Sydney. As head of state, Queen Elizabeth II visited Australia 16 times. This was informed by the Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese.

The Queen became the only British monarch to visit Australia in 1954. As she toured 57 cities with her husband, Prince Philip, nearly 70 per cent of the Australian population turned up to see her. The Queen visited Australia 16 times and her last visit was in 2011, when she was 85 years old. 


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