Rain in Joshimath, potential for widening cracks, and warning of impending snowfall in Uttarakhand

Publish Date: 11 Jan, 2023 |

In seven districts of Uttarakhand, light to moderate rain is anticipated starting on Wednesday. The Meteorological Department has predicted snow and rain for this area. Fog and cold, on the other hand, will cause trouble in the plains.

Rains may cause deeper cracks

The Meteorological Department predicts rain from January 11 to January 14 in a number of locations, including Joshimath and Garhwal. The upper places may have snowfall at the same time. If it rains in this circumstance, Joshimath's cracks could enlarge. The latest reports indicate that Joshimath is experiencing heavy rain and thick clouds, with snow beginning to fall in the higher hilly areas.

723 houses damaged till now

The government had prepared a plan to evacuate residents and employ bulldozers to destroy the damaged homes and hotels, but it had to be postponed on Tuesday due to local complaints because Joshimath now has 723 damaged homes. Strong opposition yesterday prevented the hotel from being demolished; today, however, action must be made to do so, but since morning, the opposition has become louder.


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