Raj Kundra wants to be acquitted of pornography case, know what was the stand of the opposition

Publish Date: 10 Sep, 2022 |
Businessman Raj Kundra has requested to have his name removed from the pornographic case in a court application. According to the ETimes story, the prosecution has now challenged the release motion, claiming that Raj Kundra has a case that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Kundra had requested that his name be erased from the case in order to be cleared of the charges.

The legal representative for Raj Kundra, Prashant Patil, stated, "We are ready to argue the matter on merits. We have full faith in the judiciary and the truth. We will argue the matter in court on the basis of facts. All of the accusations levelled against Raj Kundra are unfounded. There is no concrete evidence against Kundra.’

Raj Kundra was arrested in a pornography case

Kundra was detained by the Mumbai Police in the pornograohy case and was held without bail for two months. Raj Kundra was the subject of a charge sheet from the Mumbai Police, and he has since asked the court for relief in this matter.


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