Rajasthan: How Lady Don Anuradha entered the world of crime while working in Share Market

Publish Date: 04 Dec, 2022 |

Gangster Raju Thehat Murder: In Sikar on Saturday, some individuals shot and killed Raju Thehat, a known mobster from Rajasthan. The murder was admittedly committed by a member of the Lawrence Bishnoi Gang. Gangster Anandpal Singh who was the rival of Raju Thehat was shot by police in an encounter in June 2017. After Anandpal died unexpectedly, Lawrence and Kala Jathedi joined forces with Anandpal's girlfriend Lady Don Anuradha. Raju Thehat is thought to have been murdered by Lawrence and the Kala Jathedi gang. According to another report, Lady Don Anuradha is the real player in this murder, despite the fact that Lawrence Bishnoi and the Kala Jathedi Gang's goons carried out the killing.

How Lady Don Anuradha entered the world of crime 

Anuradha, 35, graduated with a BCA from a prestigious college in Delhi.    According to the report, the loan borrowed in the stock market was the trigger for Anuradha's entry in the crimeworld. In Sikar, Rajasthan, her husband Felix Deepak Minj started stock trading. Following Lakhs of investment, the couple lost crores of rupees in it. When he (Felix Deepak Minj) was under pressure to return the money, he got in touch with Anandpal Singh, a prominent gangster in the neighborhood. And that’s how Anuradha came in contact with Anandpal and entered the word of crime after which her husband left her.

About Lady Don Anuradha

Anuradha's mother died when she was a little child, therefore she was brought up by her father. Soon after her father left the house to go to work since their finances were unstable. Anuradha got married in a love marriage to Felix Deepak Minj.


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