Rajasthani Doctors strike against the government regarding the right to health bill, know the reason

Tarun KohliPublish Date: 28 Mar, 2023

On March 21, 2023, the Vidhan Sabha approved a measure sponsored by the Rajasthani administration of Ashok Gehlot with the working title of Right to Health. This measure resembled the Right to Privacy or the Right to Education in several ways. But, as soon as the bill was enacted, many doctors in Rajasthan came to the streets to demonstrate against it. They not only did this, but they also stepped up their protests, which led to the backing of government doctors.

Reason for protest

The government has stipulated in the Right to Health Bill that government and private institutions (designated) cannot refuse any patient for treatment in an emergency; if they do, a punishment is provided for in the statute. Has gone. The government has defined a wide variety of emergency-related incidents at the same time.

However, private hospitals say that the word emergency has not been properly defined in the bill and it is not clear which patient's condition will be considered an emergency and who will bear the cost of his treatment. According to private hospitals, their bankruptcy may become public once the law is in place. On the other hand, following the protest, the government added a clause to the bill that, in the event that the patient is unable to cover the costs of an emergency, the government will set up a fund and donate the patient's money to the hospital. However, doctors claim that this clause was not included in the bill, which raises questions.

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