Rajauri Encounter: After learning of the sacrifice, Siddhant Chhetri's wife, who had been married for two months, fainted

Tarun KohliPublish Date: 06 May, 2023

The nation's security is not automatically ensured at the border. For this, one must risk their life. Numerous courageous warriors from our nation are constantly on guard at the border, keeping us and you citizens safe. Sometimes, the cost of this promptness must be paid even at the cost of the nation's survival.

In Jammu and Kashmir's Rajauri, the same thing occurred on Friday. where the nation lost its five valiant men for all time. One of them was Siddhant Chhetri from West Bengal. Darjeeling resident and rifleman Siddhant Chhetri serves in the Indian Army. which included nine paracommandos. The news of his death sparked a wave of grief across Darjeeling. 

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