Raju Srivastava Health update: Raju Srivastava's condition is not improving, situation critical- Watch Video

Publish Date: 12 Aug, 2022 |

On Wednesday, August 10, Raju Srivastava had a heart attack while exercising at the gym. The comedian also sustained significant brain damage, according to the most recent health report. Ever after experiencing a cardiac arrest, he hasn't come to. On the treadmill, Raju Srivastava was exercising when he fell from chest trouble. His trainer brought him to AIIMS Delhi, where he received thrice CPR to revive his heart.

The comedian Raju Srivastava is still unconscious, according to the most recent health report on him. After having a heart attack, he hasn't come to after losing consciousness. His doctors say he is gradually getting better. In addition to significant brain injury, Raju Srivastava experienced a heart arrest. He is still receiving ventilator support and is still in a severe state. Neither his health has become worse nor better.

Dr. Nitish Nyay's Cardiology and Emergency Department team at AIIMS is now caring for Raju Srivastava. During his workout in the gym, according to AIIMS sources, Srivastava experienced a cardiac attack. His trainer took him to the hospital. To revive his heart, the comic had CPR twice. 


Ashish Srivastava, the brother-in-law of Raju Srivastava, confirmed the news. He stated: "Raju Srivastava, a comedian from Kanpur and the chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Film Board, suffered a heart attack while working out in the gym. He remained in Delhi so that he could meet some of the state's top officials. He visited a gym in the morning and another gym later that day. He had a heart attack at the same moment. The AIIMS has accepted him. But he is now once again in check. The physicians let the relatives meet his grandfather after waiting about five minutes. They won't be able to provide the remaining details until they have actually met him."


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