Ratlam Demu Train Fire: Fire broke out in two bogies of Ratlam-Indore Demu train. MP News | demu train

Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 23 Apr, 2023
Ratlam Demu Train Fire: On Sunday morning, a large fire broke out in  Demu train travelling from Ratlam to Indore. According to the information we have, the DEMU train bound for Indore caught fire in two boggies at Pritam Nagar station on Sunday morning. The train proceeded to move in this condition for another 10 kilometres before coming to a stop. Where the fire first originated was on the motor coach that was in motion. The flames also engulfed and shattered the nearby bogie. However no causalities were reported, snce the passengers managed to exit the train at the right time.

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